The Fastest Way To Register For Sessions

The event links below now take you directly to Zoom’s sign up pages, which should speed up the process. You can use the links below and Zoom should save your info after your first signup, which makes signing up for more much less painful.

Note: Registration will stay open until the start of each session and we’ll be releasing on-demand replays in the weeks following the event.

Thank you to the people who helped us understand that the Notion embeds were slowing you down. Seriously. You know who you are.

Speaker Spotlight

The Lineup

Session Changes

You may have received a notification from Zoom if you were registered for one of the following sessions:

Josh Spector’s Classified Ads session was cancelled.

Russ Henneberry’s Lead Magnet session was rescheduled from Tuesday to Monday.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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