Speeding Things Up

Happy Tuesday, y’all!

We got some feedback alerting us to some registration delays: for anyone registering for multiple sessions using the Zoom form embeds on our Notion site, things were just plain S...L...O...W. Not a huge deal if you’re registering for one session, but crazy annoying for registering for a bunch at once.

We decided to send out a special issue today with direct links to Zoom’s sign up pages, which should speed up the process. You can use the links below and Zoom should save your info after your first signup, which makes signing up for more much less painful.

Note: Registration will stay open until the start of each session and we’ll be releasing on-demand replays in the weeks following the event.

Thank you to the people who helped us understand that the Notion embeds were slowing you down. Race you to Newsletter Fest.

The Lineup